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How to Add Widgets to WooThemes Whitelight Home Page

NOTE: Since this post is from May 2012, the instructions may be out-of-date with current versions of WooThemes Whitelight and/or WordPress. Objective: Add 4 Widgetized areas, all in one row, just below the image slider on WooThemes Whitelight home page. Basic Method: Reference WooThemes “How to add a widgetized area to your theme” tutorial, as…

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How to: Create Custom Sidebar in Pagelines Framework 2.0

Goal: Add a custom Sidebar to Home page’s “Content” (not Template) area so any Widget can be added. WordPress framework: PageLines Framework 2.0.1 Solution: Copy one of the Sidebar sections and customize it to fit in the Content area of the Home page template. We’ll copy “Full Width Sidebar” and turn it into a new…

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WP Twenty Eleven – Custom Header Widget & Header Color

Goal: Add Social Media Widget‘s social media icons into Header area Solution: Replace WP Twenty Eleven’s search box with a Widget area, but still display the search box when no Widget is used. Reference (from WP Tuts Plus): Creating a Simple Child Theme Using Twenty Eleven includes instructions on how to add a widget to…

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WordPress Child Theme – Custom Sidebar on Home Page

Overview: We want an extra-wide custom sidebar just for the Home page. We also want the custom sidebar to have its own Widgets. We’ll create a Home page template, register new Widgets and add some new CSS for styling. Big thanks to DigitalRaindrops.net for their tutorials. Section 1 of 4: Template for the Home page Copy…


WordPress Tutorials – Widgetizing Home Page

http://wpsmith.net/wordpress/how-to-widgetize-the-home-page-of-the-expose-genesis-child-theme/ http://digwp.com/2010/02/how-to-widgetize-wordpress-theme/ http://wpmu.org/how-to-widgetize-a-page-post-header-or-any-other-template-in-wordpress/ http://digitalraindrops.net/2010/08/widgetized-areas/ (NOTE: some of the code is NOT perfect. If you experience a broken site, double-check the PHP) Further code & layout instructions: http://digitalraindrops.net/2010/08/content-page/ Really need to start at the beginning of the tutorial: http://digitalraindrops.net/templates/