RokSprocket Slideshow with Joomla Articles

Rotating images using Joomla Articles and RokSprocket Slideshow layout.

Create Joomla Articles:

  1. Content tab: add text.
  2. Images and Links tab: add pre-sized background image to Full Article Image.

Create Slideshow:

  1. RokSprocket Module: Choose Features – Joomla Content.
  2. Under the Joomla Content Filter Rules section: Add Articles.
  3. Under the Filtered Article List section (“Show per-article fields” view): Title: Default; Desc: Default; Image: Article Image; Link: None*.
  4. Under the Features Layout Options section: set Theme to Slideshow; Article Titles: Hide; Article Text: Show; Strip HTML Tags: No**; Arrow Navigation: Hide; Pagination: Hide; the rest: as-is.
  5. Under the Advance tab: add noblock to the Module Class Suffix.

*Setting Link to None removes the Read More button that shows up on the Slideshow slides.
** Setting the Strip HTML Tags to No means that the text is allowed to be displayed as laid out in the Article.

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