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WordPress Plugin – Multiple Columns In A Single WordPress Post

UPDATE (Oct 24, 2009): This plugin doesn’t quite work! Problem: the below “fix for mis-alignment across top of columns” causes all of the site’s soft returns (non-paragraph line breaks) to be undone. I have discontinued using this plugin and undone the change to line 135 in includes/formatting.php.

WP Post Columns Plugin, by Sam Burdge at http://www.samburdge.co.uk/wordpress/wp-post-columns-plugin-2

Testing to see if this plugin works and how it looks before deploying to a client’s WordPress site.

UPDATE: FIX for mis-alignment across top of columns (NOTE: this fix ended up breaking all the soft returns on the site. I have disabled it.)

  • Open includes/formatting.php
  • Line 135 (as of WordPress 2.8.5)
  • Change: function wpautop($pee, $br = 1) TO function wpautop($pee, $br = 0)

UPDATE: FIX for [ end_columns ] text showing up in post

  • Add either a space between [ / column ] & [ end_columns ] OR move [ end_columns ] to the next line. NOTE: do not add spaces to the inside of the shortcodes themselves. I have done this for display purposes only.

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