Software designers use Apple’s Keynote to design application interfaces

By Luke Wroblewski

Last month I compiled an overview of why software designers were turning to Apple’s presentation software, Keynote, to design application interfaces. Several of you asked for more so… here’s additional reasons to design in Keynote and lots of tips for getting the most out of it.

Detailing Interactions

Personally, I (LukeW) use Keynote for two reasons: detailing interactions and integrating a product overview within a broader presentation. While Keynote does not have a robust set of tools for working through interaction details, the basic animation controls the program provides can get you 90% of the way there. When combined with image masking and simulated taps/clicks, these animation controls allow a designer to illustrate a wide range of user interface transitions, feedback, and states.The process of animating user interface changes in Keynote forces you to think through how the actual interface will work. For instance:

  • How quickly should this item fade?
  • Will moving this control disrupt a user’s workflow?
  • What’s the best transition to bring certain elements into focus?
  • And so on…

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