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WordPress Tutorial: WP e-Commerce v3.7.6.7: Change “P&P” to “S&H” for Shipping & Handling

WP e-Commerce changed where the files to change P&P to S&H are located. The following instructions assume that you have upgraded to this version of WP e-Commerce (v3.7.6.7) and have followed the instructions for upgrading and moving theme folders.

*WARNING: Do NOT copy and paste the below code into your files. Please make the recommended changes in your own files, by hand!

There are 2 files to alter.

File #1: wp-content/uploads/wpsc/themes/default/products_page.php
Line: 218

CHANGE: <span><?php echo wpsc_product_postage_and_packaging(get_option(‘wpsc_hide_decimals’)); ?></span><?php echo __(‘P&amp;P‘, ‘wpsc’); ?>:  <br />

TO: <span><?php echo wpsc_product_postage_and_packaging(get_option(‘wpsc_hide_decimals’)); ?></span><?php echo __(‘S&amp;H‘, ‘wpsc’); ?>:  <br />

File #2: wp-content/uploads/wpsc/themes/default/single_product.php
Line: 157

CHANGE: <span><?php echo wpsc_product_postage_and_packaging(); ?></span><?php echo __(‘P&amp;P‘, ‘wpsc’); ?>:  <br />

TO: <span><?php echo wpsc_product_postage_and_packaging(); ?></span><?php echo __(‘S&amp;H‘, ‘wpsc’); ?>:  <br />

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    1. @Steven Joiner: Sorry you didn’t have any luck with this. You may have an older version of WP e-Commerce. I only have this info for WP e-Commerce version WP e-Commerce changed where they store all of the shopping cart’s theme files. Theme files are now stored separately from shopping cart files. The new path to theme files is now: wp-content/uploads/wpsc/themes/

  4. I followed the directions here to the T, and double checked to make sure everything was saved properly…. yet it still says P&P on my site.

    1. Sorry it’s not working out for you, Jared. These instructions are only for WP e-Commerce v3.7.6.7 and involve 2 files in the new wpsc folder location:
      – wp-content/uploads/wpsc/themes/default/products_page.php (around line 218)
      – wp-content/uploads/wpsc/themes/default/single_product.php (around line 157)

      Did you also make all of the changes by hand?

  5. Thanks for the tip, but I’m not finding the files where you say they are. Here’s what I found, but am still not sure which ones to edit (this is for Version 3.7.8):







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