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WordPress Plugin – Custom Contact Forms

Got turned on to a new WordPress contact form plugin today called Custom Contact Forms. Been digging into it a little bit tonight. But I found that I couldn’t re-arrange the form’s fields. Ugh; what a pain in the ass!

Then I came across the CCF Option Sort for Custom Contact Forms plugin, which allows drag-and-drop form fields. Yipee!

WordPress plugin 1 of 2:

Custom Contact Forms

Guaranteed to be 1000X more customizable and intuitive than Fast Secure Contact Forms or Contact Form 7. Customize every aspect of your forms without any knowledge of CSS: borders, padding, sizes, colors. Ton’s of great features. Required fields, captchas, tooltip popovers, unlimited fields/forms/form styles, use a custom thank you page or built-in popover with a custom success message set for each form.

WordPress plugin 2 of 2:

CCF Option Sort for Custom Contact Forms

Enable sorting capability for Custom Contact Forms by Taylor Lovett

Adds admin menu and section for sorting form fields, drop down and radio group options. You must have Custom Contact Forms Plugin to use this as it helps sort options. Without this you would have to remove and add them in the order required, which can be time consuming if you have many fields with many options.

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