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WordPress Child Theme – Category Template Display Full Posts

WordPress version: 3.1.3
Parent theme: TwentyTen 1.2

Create new Category template to display full posts, instead of excerpt posts, on a Category page.

  1. Copy loop-page.php file from TwentyTen folder to child theme folder.
  2. Change file name to: loop-category.php.
  3. It’s the <?php the_content(); ?> in the original loop-page.php file that makes the Full Posts possible.

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    1. You’re correct, Chet, the Category would be empty if there are no posts in it to begin with. Something further would need to be done to add a message to the Category itself. I don’t yet know how that’s accomplished, though.

      Of course, my method above may not be the best way to display full posts – as opposed to excerpts – on a Category page.

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