Problem: I now have 4 products in my WP e-Commerce shopping cart and want to move the 4th product to the first position.

Warning: These instructions are from Aug 2010 (which is forever-ago in Internet terms) and may be out-of-date!

Solution: On the WP e-Commerce admin page (labeled “Store” in WordPress’s admin), click on the Products tab. You’ll now be on the Display Products screen. Use the drop-down box to select the Category that contains the products you want to re-order. Hover over the product’s thumbnail to drag-and-drop* it to a new position.

Now, go to Admin > Settings > Store > Presentation (scroll down to the Product Page Settings section) and choose “Drag & Drop” in the drop-down menu, then click Update at the bottom of the page.

Drag-and-Drop the actual Products: Now, go back to Admin > Products > Products. Place your curser in the middle of a Product’s row, click and drag the Product row to a new location. Note: your curser will not turn into another type of pointer, so the ability to drag-and-drop “looks hidden” when you’re hovering over a Product.

*If you have used the drag-and-drop interface on the edit-products page to re-order your products then you must select the Drag & Drop option on the Presentation page. Although I’m not sure, this may mean that you’ll never be able to sort products by “name,” “price,” or “time loaded.”

WordPress 3.0.1
WP e-Commerce