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WP e-Commerce Tip: Re-ordering Shopping Cart Products

Problem: I now have 4 products in my WP e-Commerce shopping cart and want to move the 4th product to the first position.

Warning: These instructions are from Aug 2010 (which is forever-ago in Internet terms) and may be out-of-date!

Solution: On the WP e-Commerce admin page (labeled “Store” in WordPress’s admin), click on the Products tab. You’ll now be on the Display Products screen. Use the drop-down box to select the Category that contains the products you want to re-order. Hover over the product’s thumbnail to drag-and-drop* it to a new position.

Now, go to Admin > Settings > Store > Presentation (scroll down to the Product Page Settings section) and choose “Drag & Drop” in the drop-down menu, then click Update at the bottom of the page.

Drag-and-Drop the actual Products: Now, go back to Admin > Products > Products. Place your curser in the middle of a Product’s row, click and drag the Product row to a new location. Note: your curser will not turn into another type of pointer, so the ability to drag-and-drop “looks hidden” when you’re hovering over a Product.

*If you have used the drag-and-drop interface on the edit-products page to re-order your products then you must select the Drag & Drop option on the Presentation page. Although I’m not sure, this may mean that you’ll never be able to sort products by “name,” “price,” or “time loaded.”

WordPress 3.0.1
WP e-Commerce

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    1. Sorry this tip didn’t work, Madhuribagul20. I stopped using WP e-Commerce about a year ago and haven’t kept up with all of the necessary hacks for it. I’ve since started using WooCommerce and JigoShop for my WordPress e-commerce.

  1. there seems to be something missing from this post and many other posts I’ve seen around the internet about how to re-order your products….


    For those like me that actually wish to know the hidden last step from this procedure…. Once you’ve clicked the update button at the bottom of the page… you must go to Products>Products… These lines are in fact the things you drag and drop…. holy shit someone needed to say it.

    1. Great point, Ryan! Plus, my article is 3.5 years old and there may be now be other factors involved. I added the process for drag-and-drop to the instructions. Thanks again.

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