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[FIX] SlideDeck Text Ruined by PlatformPro Theme

Problem: PlatformPro WordPress theme is overriding SlideDeck’s font style, making all of SlideDeck’s text italic. (shakes fist).

Solution: Add reset CSS to the PlatformPro child theme’s stylesheet to allow SlideDeck’s text to function normally.

Add the following CSS to the style.css file in PlatformBase (PlatformPro’s child theme):

SlideDeck customization
.slidedeck p, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { /* Override Theme settings that are screwing with SlideDeck's fonts */
font-style: normal;

More styling options: How to Create Beautiful Content Slider Using SlideDeck

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  1. Hi!! My site is http://www.ofertia.net
    and the 1st thing you see in my frontpage is a nice slidedeck box ,
    when I installed wp yoast seo plugin the slidedeck design sort of broke,
    it’s not that it sin’t working but it does not look ok, as it should

    If you go down the page and see the “submit” buttom for the contact form
    you see what I mean when I say something happened to the design, the
    button seems to be split in two pieces.

    If I remove from header.php (which I had to ask to my template to make
    yoast plugin work) everything goes back to normal, slidedeck displays

    Please, help me, I really like slidedeck and yoast seo, I’d like to be able to keep them both.

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