Joomla – Creating a Hidden Menu Item

Create a Joomla Hidden Menu Item

Specific goal: Integrate JomSocial into PayPlans membership signup process. MUST have functioning JomSocial Menu Item (so PayPlans member registration works), BUT we don’t want this Menu Item displayed in the Menu.

Solution: Hidden Menu, with a Menu Item inside.

Resource: How to control module display when linking to an article with no menu item

1. Create a Hidden Menu:

  1. Add New Menu (NOT New Menu Item) > Name it and give it an Alias.
  2. Do NOT “Add a module for this menu type.” (By NOT attaching a Module, this new Menu is automatically hidden).
  3. (Then add the below Single Menu Item INSIDE this hidden menu.)

2. Create a Menu Item and put it INSIDE the Hidden Menu:

  1. Add New Menu Item > Menu Item Type: Select > Under Community select “Home” (This is the HOME for JomSocial. This is how PayPlans integrates member registration) > Choose Menu Location > Click Save. Then choose Parent Item. Click Save again.

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