JomSocial Upgrade – Installation Starts Over After Clicking DONE During Install

Problem with JomSocial Upgrade: Upgrading from 3.0.2 to results in a “loop” that never ends the install process.

Answer: “Please you find this file administrator/components/com_community/installer.dummy.ini and delete it. It should work then.”

Big thanks to Dimas Tekad Santosa from the JomSocial Forums! (must have a JomSocial membership to view).

Additional notes: I used the iJoomla-Installer-Updater (that came with the JomSocial download) to update JomSocial from 3.0.2 to When I completed the initial update process, I clicked “Done.” And that’s when I was taken right back to the first page of the update process again. So I went through the loop 2 more times. Out of frustration I went to the general Joomla admin, clicked on the JomSocial Component and noticed I had only updated from JomSocial 3.0.2 to 3.1.1. So I went back to the now-installed iJoomla-Installer-Updater and ran through the update loop at least 10 more times. This is most likely what get me stuck in the loop AND not being able to launch the JomSocial Component at all.

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