Joomla – Add Background Image to Ximenia Roksprocket Showcase

How to add a back ground image to the Ximenia’s Roksprocket Showcase module. In this example, we’re targeting just a page called Programs that is specifically set to the Ximenia RED background.

Set up Child Theme with Custom CSS and images folder:

1. Create and FTP upload a custom CSS file: root > templates > rt_ximenia_responsive > css > rt_ximenia_responsive-custom.css

2. Here’s the css for the file:

body.programs.main-bg-red #rt-showcase {
background-image: url(/images/HeaderImages/bg-programs.jpg);
background-position: center center;
background-color: green;

3. Create and FTP your image to the Root folder: /images

4. Create the back ground image. I have mine sized: 2000 px X 515 px

5. Add “programs” to the Admin > Menus > Main Menu > Programs > Page Display Options > Page Class field

6. There’s still that transparent-ish gray background that covers up the showcase’s background image. To remove this: Admin > Extensions> Module Manager > Modules > Frontpage Showcase Programs > Advanced > Module Class Suffix > (add) noblock

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