Joomla – Ximenia Child Theme Custom CSS

Where do I put my Ximenia Child Theme’s Custom CSS file?

Answer: root/templates/rt_ximenia_responsive/css/rt_ximenia_responsive-custom.css. This also prevents the customizations from being deleted when the theme is updated.

I had incorrectly named my custom CSS file rt_ximenia-custom.css – causing much frustration. Ugh. It’s supposed to be: rt_ximenia_responsive-custom.css. I had left out the word “responsive” by accident.

NOTE: The Custom CSS file’s naming convention is: rt_[ThemeName]-custom.css.

  • There MUST be an underscore (“_”) between the rt and the ThemeName.
  • And there MUST be a dash (“-“) followed by the word “custom.”
  • Hence, for RocketTheme’s Ximenia Responsive theme, a custom CSS file is: rt_ximenia_responsive-custom.css.

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