Setting Up Amazon Pay for WooCommerce

Setting up Amazon Pay for my Every Floor Is A Dance Floor WooCommerce shopping cart was a bit confusing for me, so I’m documenting the basics here. I’m specifically NOT selling on Amazon as a seller, I just want to offer Amazon Pay to my customers that shop on my WordPress (WooCommerce-powered shopping cart) website.

  • Started with a search on Google for “How to set up Amazon Pay.”
  • Clicked Amazon Pay for Merchants.
  • Filled out the Get Started Now fields.
  • Filled out all setup pages.
  • Then clicked “Create a new account” and began the multiple-page Merchant Registration process.
  • Once the Amazon Pay Merchant Registration process was complete I was super-confused where I was supposed to actually log in to see my new Amazon Pay account. Answer below.
  • Seller Central is where you sign in to your Amazon Pay account.

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