Social Media – How to Create A Facebook Page

A very thorough walk-through of How to Create A Facebook Page.

I initially wanted to know whether I should create a Facebook Page with or without spaces (eg: CleverClay or Clever Clay) because of how people will end up searching for it. Naming your FB Page is toward the end of this very informative article.


A Facebook Page, sometimes referred to as a Fan Page, is a single page that you can create for anything you want: a particular subject you like: a celebrity, a business profile, whatever your heart desires (as long as you have the legal rights to do so). Think of it as a one-page meeting place, with information, links, a message forum box, RSS and anything else you want (actually, it’s kind of like making a Squidoo lens!) Best yet, anyone can create them. All you need is a Facebook account!

Facebook Pages are important for a few reasons. They’ve been showing up high in search engine positions. Also, you can get unlimited “fans” for your Facebook Page, unlike the limit of 5,000 friends that your regular Facebook Profile is capped at. They’re visible to search engines and visitors, too. It’s almost like a social networking mailing list that you can reach out to at any time!

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