The Events Calendar – Hide Featured Image From Single Event Page

Problem: The Events Calendar‘s Featured Image displays at the top of the Event’s Single page.

Goal: To have the Featured Image display ONLY on the Calendar’s List page, and NOT on the Event’s single page.

Solution: Customize the Events Calendar’s template files:

  1. Create a /tribe-events/ folder in your Child Theme’s folder.
  2. Go to: root/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/views/single-event.php, and copy the single-event.php file to your Child Theme’s location, at root/wp-content/themes/your-theme/tribe-events/.
  3. Open single-event.php and comment-out line 52 (as of version 3.4.1), like so:
<!-- <?php echo tribe_event_featured_image(); ?> -->

Resource: The Events Calendar Forum: Featured Image and Events 3.0 Themer’s Guide.

The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe

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